How to become a afge union steward

“It is also a backdoor way to get rid of workers, and thus the services  AFGE Local 171 Union - This local union represents the bargaining unit Contact any Union steward for more information about becoming a member. Effect and application of 5 U. Motivated Shop Steward has excellent union advocacy abilities and a strong knowledge of workers rights and labor laws. union. YOUR LOCAL. AFGE Jeopardy Edit The union sets the dues, according to the terms of the union constitution and by-laws. 7. p@dol. On the one hand, as an employee, he or she remains subject to the employer’s right of control and his or her own subordinate position. We are delighted to announce the "Each One Teach One" program for the AFGE Mentorship Institute. Courses in subjects such as conflict management or industrial psychology may be helpful. government workers nationwide and overseas. Stewards represent the interests and rights of members and represent the Local union as an organization. It is with the Steward that good labor-management relations stand or fall. Click here to view or download contract. The. Chief Steward Roles & Responsibilities. Delegate Results; Officers/Staff; FAQ; List of AFGE Representatives. It teaches proper grievance processing, arbitration, collective bargaining, & duties and responsibilities. Alternatively, candidates may complete a bachelor’s degree in another field, such as finance, business management, education, or information technology. Action 8: Once you become a union member, get involved: Join committees, become a steward, run for office, volunteer for activities, and alert the union to potential problems. Possesses more than eleven years of experience as a Shop Steward in factories and a high school diploma. As Chief Steward, you fulfill the duties of a Steward, but also work with other Stewards in your zone to do the following: Communication Encourage Stewards to approach you with questions about processes, contract interpretation, and reports of workplace conflicts and issues. 2 To carry out their duties effectively, Stewards must have a good understanding of the following points. Best Answer: been union steward for 35 years, pay and compensation amount to $100 per year and one xmas dinner, at the best joint in town all expenses paid except the alcohol, a lot of work, not much money coming back for listening to everybodies grief or arguments. Management withdrew its proposal to take away the Union's space and prevent you from direct and private access to your Union officers and stewards. Become a Member! To join, download and print the form (SF1187 -insert link to pdf), complete the form, and hand deliver or mail the form to your local union office. Strong passwords contain 3 of the following items and at least 6 characters: - Uppercase Letters - Lowercase Letters - Numbers Although you are no longer a steward, you are still permitted to attend union meetings, participate in union meetings, and required to pay dues. February 2019 Membership Meeting; GS-5 Step 5 (or equivalent) and below; GS-5 Step 6 (or equivalent) and above. Five Step Process of handling a grievance Duty of Fair Representation DFR . This special issue is intended to give you, the Union member, information on the candidates who are participating in the upcoming Union officer elections. During your time as a Steward, you The AFGE Steward's Job. Cost: Members who currently have an AFGE Union Plus Credit Card and use it to enroll are offered a special, no-fee membership. Once a worker is past their probation period make sure they get all the Union material they need. A leaked recording of the AFGE union president catches him calling Rep. Local 221 stewards can rely on The SEIU Stewards Manual for reference in solving tough work place problems. To serve your union as a steward, you must: Be a voluntary dues paying Engineers & Architects Association member. robert@dol. When you join the union, you have access to these AFGE benefits. It is the Steward, then, who is the union to AFGE's members in the shop or office, and to the In order to be effective, the Steward must perform specific duties. The job of the AFGE Steward is one of the most exciting and challenging jobs you can have. Members will look to you for gUidance and leadership when they need to solve problems with their employer. 18. AFGE Union President To ‘Whoop’ VA Secretary’s ‘Ass’. Stewards are the most visible union presence in the workplace. Click here to download a membership form to join the AFGE Local 1006. Twitter tears into Delta for its tone-deaf anti-union, pro-video game poster Home Care Workers are the Latest Vulnerable Group Under Attack by the Trump Administration A Union That Strikes Wins: NUHW 10 Years On 1 of 3. Core Qualifications. ADVANCED STEWARD: Instructed by AFGE D-12 Representative Melvin Smith this class is for experienced union stewards. Clearly, when an employee swops hats to represent a fellow worker in a disciplinary hearing, a certain degree of conflict will arise. I have taken time out to ask various colleagues and supervisors the pros and cons of this opportunity. Roberto, the Chief Steward, was making the report, "After  A. 15 Sep 2017 Attention AFGE stewards: you can now complete introductory The duties and responsibilities of an AFGE Steward and union representative. It is the Stewards' responsibility to know how the union works on behalf of its local's by-laws to find out how you can learn more about becoming a steward. However if they get a good impression from the union steward, they will be more inclined to join and take part. Illegal to overly supervise a steward 258 NLRB 61, Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. Keep the members informed on union policies and union activities. REPRESENTATION. This should include a copy of the union contract and the union constitution. Ivan Weich AFGE 3937. jeffrey. The union has been weak at my job for a long time. C. PIERSON Although there are many commonly held notions about why and how people become union officers, there is lit-tle empirical information about the process of becoming one, particularly at the local level. AFGE Contract Terms. 12:00 PM. That’s the only union representative they see. Any chartered national, regional, state or district council is entitled to two delegates. When some employees are transferred to another employing entity whose employees are already represented by a union, FLRA will often find that those employees have "accredit" to (i. -area unions abandoned their craft orientation to become industrial unions with agency-wide bargaining units. LOCAL 1164 UNION MEMBERS MEETING The next  See the information about the 2019 application requirements. 16. the local afge steward is the key person in afge. when the steward arrives at the meeting: 1) manager must inform the steward of the subject matter of the interview – that is the type of misconduct being investigated. org username and password. As a steward, you make collective bargaining agreements meaningful by helping your co-workers implement their contract and defend their rights on a day-to-day basis. while many members may not personally know afge's national officers, or even their local officers, chances are that most know their stewards (especially if they've needed help) and see them on the job daily. LP Schedule; About Us. Now management is cracking down. Expect up to 24-48 hours for your account to become active. You must be a current member in order to register with this site. gov and one of us will get back to you. As a member of Local 1006 you WILL be heard. Strong passwords contain 3 of the following items and at least 6 characters: - Uppercase Letters - Lowercase Letters - Numbers Free enrollment is also available if you register with your AFGE Union Plus Credit Card. JOIN AFGE. 21 Jun 2019 Get information on on-line, classroom, and university training in From union steward to union president, the following resources will help you  16 May 2018 Questions, we get wonderful questions from our wonderful class participants. A union steward was suspended for two incidents of improper behavior: AFGE, Local 987 and U. and stewards, to the extent that they are authorized to act on behalf of the Union. The AFGE Steward. . The Steward's responsibilities include: The Steward observes and supports the Union's democratic process, inviting all employees to be members, and inviting all members to participate in the Union How To Become An Union Steward. S. This handbook provides guidance to AFGE locals and councils concerning the terms they negotiate into their contracts. Serve as a witness in case the supervisor tries to distort the conversation. What is tell the agency why we need the info, how we will use the info, and how it relates to our union’s representational duties? 500. jacob@dol. gov, wiles. Why join your UNION; Ask A Steward; VHA Intake Form; Become A Steward; Member Benefits; To Do For All That Which No One Can Do For Oneself Size of Undocumented Workforce is Shrinking in the US: Teamsters Local 355: Size of Undocumented Workforce is Shrinking in the US The American Federation of Government Employees is the largest federal employee union representing 650,000 federal and D. Mr. By using one or two of the programs, many members save as much as their annual dues. They are problem solvers, educators, and communicators. A Union Stewards rights are determined by three basic factors: Union Solidarity. Union grievances protect the right of the union to function as the certified employee representative. You are a workplace leader who represents SGEU, coordinates Stewards, and enforces the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). The Union shall be given the opportunity to be represented at any formal discussion Agency will introduce them to their respective Union Steward. This contract was enter into by USMA and AFGE Local 2367 in 2001 and will expire in 2006. Since, he has served as a steward, local Treasurer, local First Vice President and President of AFGE Local 17, at VACO. To qualify as a mentor you must be an AFGE member or retiree with a Union skill to share. The webinar includes a virtual tour of the resources on AFGE’s main website and an overview of the online training available through AFGE Learn LMS (Learning Management System). We encourage all bargaining unit staff to become union members. In the case of senior managers being or becoming shop stewards, however, there may be a considerable conflict of interest as the manager may know something about the organisation’s bargaining approach (by virtue of his being a manager) — and wanting, perhaps, to use that information to promote the position of the trade union. This is the cohesion and determination of employees you represent. What are my rights? A union owes a duty of fair representation to all of the workers it represents. Source(s): robert r · 9 years ago. They gave the shop steward and the assistant steward (me) a letter threatening us with discipline, up to termination. History AFGE Local 609 Steward Resources. e. , on September 17, 1917. Steward Training. 10 His duties in that position included assisting the Local's leadership The union can refuse to represent an employee because it believes the grievance is unlikely to succeed, it will cost the union too much money or other resources, or it is against the best policy interests of the union. Shaking a finger at Management rep during grievance discussion permitted 96 LRRM 1587, Synadyne Corp. Department of the Air Force, Warner Robins  19 Mar 2018 This contract complies with all statutory requirements and maintains union Further, instead of letting 75 union stewards use “reasonable amounts” of the Department will provide AFGE with a bank of 4,927 hours of leave  If the union could teach just one thing to its members, it would have to be about “ Weingarten Rights”—the right of unionized workers to have a steward or  22 Aug 2018 (August 21st, 2018, Hines, Illinois) — Stewards at Hines VA hospital allows stewards to be advocates for veterans, families and co-workers alike to by SEIU and AFGE and other unions which called their actions “illegal. Jeff Miller “a fool” and that he will “whoop” VA Secretary Bob McDonald’s “ass” if he steps out of line. 8 Dave Newman, an active opponent of the policies of Local 1101,1 had been elected job steward by his fellow union members. We invite you to participate in this program and apply to become either a mentor or a mentee! The Mentoring Program will be on a volunteer basis. Norton said. The Steward as Leader Leadership can be defined as the ability to motivate a group of people to act in pursuit of its common interests and goals. She also helped organize a multi-union coalition to protect federal employees’ collective bargaining, • Update your personal email address at afge. Labor Relations Course AFGE 1658 – 75 Questions – 2 CLPs When completed send a confirmation e: mail back to the AFGE 1658 mail box ContactUs@AFGE1658. David Cox Sr. This duty requires that the union act fairly, impartially, and without ill will or discrimination when pursuing a worker’s grievance or when negotiating a new contract with the employer. Prepared by the AFGE Office of Labor Management Relations. My contact suggested that most bargaining unit (represented) employees were also turned off by the union’s leadership. You come into contact with co-workers every day you are on the job. michael@dol. Workers in virtually all functions of government at every federal agency depend upon AFGE for legal representation, legislative advocacy, technical expertise and informational 12 Delegates to the AFGE Convention are elected by Local unions with the number of delegates per Local determined by membership strength as specified in the AFGE Constitution. The Steward is an official representative of the bargaining unit and the union. gov and williams. KOZIARA, MARY I. The steward keeps in touch with the members and educates them. I am posting this inquiry here to get divergent feedback to see both sides of the issue, so I can draw the best Becoming a union leader: the path to local office KAREN S. The union steward can also refuse to represent a nonmember in matters outside the contract and collective bargaining Take on an official role as a rep or steward. It is the Steward, then, who is the union to AFGE's members in the shop or office, and to the agency supervisor. You also deal with management on behalf of the union. A steward backed by a unified group, willing to act if the steward is attacked, has significant freedom of action. The American Federation of Government Employees, AFL-CIO (AFGE), is a labor organization within the meaning of § 7103(a)(4) of the Statute and is the exclusive representative of a nationwide bargaining unit of employees of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Prior to joining DOL, she represented AFGE members and the union as a whole in federal courts, before the EEOC, in arbitration cases, and in contract negotiations, as an attorney for the American Federation of Government Employees. These benefits are backed by the collective strength of over 10-million members of AFL-CIO unions. Union: Sometimes a contract violation may affect the union as an institution. Remember, strength is in numbers. BREAK . You are still an active member of AFGE Local 2544 with full membership privileges and voting rights. Visit the  If the union could teach just one thing to its members, it would have to be about “ Weingarten Rights”—the right of unionized workers to have a steward or  14 Mar 2018 The union has filed an unfair labor practice charge with the Federal Labor with all statutory requirements and maintains union members' rights under the The previous agreement let up to 75 stewards, each of AFGE's 10  The National Federation of Federal Employees (NFFE) is an American labor union which Even many of the D. This is not a model contract, because on many subjects there are decisions that have to Please become familiar with your rights as a Federal civilian employee. Build the local union. The National Federation of Federal Employees was founded in Washington, D. Explain union rights and requirements under 5 U S. 9 Sep 2010 In addition to being the Local's front line representative, the Steward is an of 100 percent membership in the Local AFGE bargaining unit. There are bachelor’s degree programs in human resources. They turn to the steward when they are seeking information or when they need some help in solving a problem. Refer to them as a guide in fulfilling your obligation as Union Steward. Congratulations on becoming an AFGE Steward. Thank you! Your most valuable tools are union solidarity, contract rights and labor law rights. How do you become an AFGE Steward? Stewards are elected by their peers or appointed to the position by the local. The Respondent is an agency within the meaning of § 7103(a)(3) of the Statute. The Role of a Steward: As front-line leaders at the worksite, SEIU stewards are required to wear many hats. Join AFGE now! Complete SF 1187, Request for Payroll Deductions for Labor Organization Dues, then print two copies, one to turn in and one for yourself, and call the office to find out when is the best time to drop your form by. afge. Why join your UNION; Ask A Steward; VHA Intake Form; Become A Steward; Member Benefits; Please complete the form according to the instructions in the article below. AFGE Local 2152 is as diverse as a local can be. Once you submit the form, your registration will be verified by an official, and your account will be activated upon successful verification. commitment, AFGE stewards play a key role in creating a vigorous local union. Request for Union Only Training I am very pleased to inform you of an exciting new AFGE/NVAC Stewards Handbook that has been developed by the AFGE/National VA Council Training and Education Committee and the AFGE Education Department to assist you at the local level. union, the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE), on October 17, 1932. 1:00 PM Tools for Stewards. Training are usually a full day of skill building and workshops. Whatever your problem at work, from broken central heating to mass redundancies, UNISON workplace representatives (reps), stewards and other activists work together to protect the interest of members. Additionally, quarterly statements with a summary of your purchases and savings will be included. It also has the possibility of providing additional workload to help financially stabilize the factory. The steward is a link between union officers, bargaining unit members and management representatives. Flyer download below. Chapter 71 . Employees who only hear about the union from the boss, will not feel inclined to join the union and be an active member. And, most importantly, they are organizers. Re: How do you get members to a Union meeting? Quote: For all you all who say well we are federal and we have laws to go by , I just don't buy that line because if thats the case would the states with unions have to go by those laws because they are fed laws ? state laws do not override fed laws. Go to: www. Toolbox These are known as "Weingarten Rights. At AFGE Learn, you can: Earn badges and certificates for the courses you complete in the LMS. Bragg) office at (910) 396-1750 for more information or click on teh Union Membership Become A Member We are offering a bonus to each Bargaining Unit Employee who joins AFGE Local 1770 AND a bonus to the AFGE Local 1770 member who recruits that new member! The Role of the Union Steward. Create a personalized learning profile and record of your course completion. We’re on Your Side You have a strong backing when you become a union member, your voice holds more weight, and there are benefits the union shines a light on that many employees didn’t even know were available. Is Stewards Training Available? Find Out Here. The Steward should make sure that the proper forms are sent to the UE National Office to get the new member signed up for the UE News. Professional Summary. Stewards can do this in two ways. Collect signatures from 10 or more voluntary dues paying EAA members . A American Federation of Government Employees Union Steward annual salary is about $81000, based on salary and pay scale data from 1 real American Federation of Government Employees employees. Contact a steward or E-Board member for more information about becoming a member. because of the steward's high visibility, the example he or she sets will, by and large The following twenty-four items will serve as a checklist for you. Trainees receive a specially developed Stewards Manual. Login with your AFGE. representing the union, provided that the union does not infringe upon his right as a member to exercise his Title I privileges. Their union local had, by their reckoning, become a club for malcontents. Norton said VPPPA members could apply to sit on one of their committees. "By being a union steward, this came naturally," Mr. New Stewards Orientation Webinar (1-day) This informational webinar is designed for new stewards who would like to learn more about AFGE and their role as a worksite representative. Group: In some cases a management violation of the contract affects more than one person. Building Stronger Local Unions - ALF-CIO; AFGE Fair Practices: Criteria for Representation ; AFGE Local 12 Case Search ; AFGE NATIONAL LEGISLATIVE CONFERENCE 2017; Resource Guide for AFGE Local 12 Officers ; Steward Training Materials. Title 5 Stewards: Vacant - Become a Steward! Stewards located at the Fallon CBOC. gov, bennett. He has also served as a NVAC National Representative, from October 1998 to August 2003. org • Become a Union steward • Vote in the next mid-term election • Be ready for action! Title: AFGE Local 476 After training several men at the DVA who went on to become her supervisors, she decided to become a steward with her AFGE Local to clear up “what’s wrong with this picture. A union shop steward's job is to serve as a mediator and facilitator between a company's management and union members. I feel like my union has treated me unfairly. How to deal with shop stewards or union misconduct. Or Pick-up a form from your local union office, complete the form, and hand deliver or mail the form to your local union office or the President, or other local elected union official. Stewards must know what the Local contract says and what the agency's policies and regulations are. Chapter 71, union rights and the responsibilities of both parties under this Statute. July 2002 . AFGE National is advocating for a 3. Norton said Tinker and AFGE 916, as a union member, enrolled in VPPPA in 2007. Serve as an example to your members. Two of the key roles are organising and recruiting new members. As a new steward, you are the face of AFGE and you are management's equal. Stewards are critical to ensuring that AFGE members and all public servants are treated with dignity and respect at the worksite. The Local AFGE Steward is the key person in AFGE. Training are for both those who are already Stewards and those wanting to become one. Training resources available to you through AFGE AFGEs Organizational Structure Roles of a Steward . July 13th. AFGE members look to the steward as a leader in the workplace. Then email the signed copy to your local steward or any of the following officers of the local; darby. Your job at the interview is to: 0. In 1918, it became the first labor union to win the legal right to represent federal workers. Much of what is This saying certainly holds true for how new employees feel about the union in their workplace. USMA and AFGE Local 2367 have negotiated an MOU pertaining to New Beginnings. 3. stewards and representatives; Union national officials; first-level. Consult your local’s by-laws to find out how you can learn more about becoming a steward. Additive Manufacturing (AM) – This new capability at JMTC has the potential to create new job opportunities for federal employees. Help the BUE avoid making damaging statements 0. Title 5 Stewards: Kelsey Allen (Chief VBA Steward) Stewards located at the Auburn CBOC . , become part of) the existing unit of the new employer, with the result that the transferred employees have a new exclusive representative along with a new employer. I do not know if being a Union Steward will help my career or not. Action Center. The Steward is the AFGE member's first resource for information and representation in the workplace. Although this battle is won  One of the members, Jason, was going to be disciplined for harassing another member, a woman. org to receive your 2 CLPs and Certificate in Labor Relations In situations where bargaining unit employees are being interrogated by an Agency representative in preparation for a proceeding before a third party, like arbitration, where the union is either a party to the proceeding or acting as a representative, Union Contract. Attend union meetings and union affairs. This is an action packed handbook designed to educate union stewards, local officers and other officials within AFGE/NVAC, and should be utilized nationwide. must be in good standing to be affiliated with AFGE. VETERANS; Stewards. Each and every grievance and incident must be looked at in terms of how it can increase participation, Welcome to a special “Meet the Candidates” issue of The People’s Voice, the newsletter of AFGE Local 1658. Among the benefits, Mr. SBA, SMX, & SBP (Central Coast) – AFGE Local 1260 is seeking individuals to become stewards at any of these airports to assist your coworkers in matters that pertain to us all! VP Wendy Delozier and LPC Erich Schmidt have established a good To Do For All That Which No One Can Do For Oneself Prior to joining DOL, she represented AFGE members and the union as a whole in federal courts, before the EEOC, in arbitration cases, and in contract negotiations, as an attorney for the American Federation of Government Employees. AFGE Stewards build solidarity through personal relationships. Steward training are held throughout the year. 142 TEAMSTERS LOCAL UNION NO. Because of this fact, the steward is in an ideal position to carry out the most important func- tion of any union activist: being a union organizer. 142 INVITE YOU AND YOUR FAMILY TO WALK or RIDE WITH THE TEAMSTER TRUCK TO CELEBRATE THE TOWN OF LOWELL 100th LABOR DAY PARADE: Union Pride at TPU Night 07/12/19 - IBEW Local 483 Show your 483 Pride at the Tacoma Raniers TPU Night game. The AFGE Shop Steward represents union members In a defined department, work area or unit, but may also be asked to assist members In other areas under special circumstances. 2019 Reasonable Accommodations ; 5. An effective steward will promote member involvement and encourage employer respect for the union and the collective agreement. We bring this vast experience to the table every time we represent a bargaining unit member of Local 2152. They are the key people in the local who mobilize the membership, and they must be talkin' union and fightin' union all the time. Title 5 Stewards: Camille Csicsery. Sarah Starrett. AFGE Local 916 serves the dedicated and diverse workforce at Tinker Air Force Base, and has done so for over 45 years! We are a volunteer organization that strives to make America work by holding federal agencies accountable to not only serving the needs of the warfighters, but also serving the best interest of the American taxpayer! Call the Main Unit (Ft. Duties include preparing for office, handling grievances, disseminating policy, providing union information, organizing meetings and welcoming new employees. BRADLEY, AND DAVID A. FMLA; Grievances & Appeals; Workers Compensation; Submit Documents to AFGE; Submit a Complaint or Violation; Scheduling. You work collectively with stewards, elected leaders, and SGEU staff in your workplace, bargaining unit, and sector. Give back for the help you have received. Vacant - Become a Steward! Stewards located at the Minden CBOC I was presented with the opportunity to be a Union Steward. Section - 2 appropriate unit in an agency shall be given the opportunity to be represented . 11:00 AM. In 1962  AFGE Login. 2) the steward must be permitted a private meeting with the employee before questioning begins. If you are interested in becoming a Steward or have questions, How do you become a new union steward? Your Union Bylaws will give the details of union steward selection, they can be voted on by their fellow employees or appointed by either the Union President To Do For All That Which No One Can Do For Oneself Don’t hesitate to exercise your right to have union representation. Stewards are much more than grievance handlers. 07/12/19 - Teamsters Local Union No. " Additionally the Master Agreement requires the supervisor to inform the employee about their right to union representation prior to asking any questions. These Money-Saving Benefits are Available Only to AFGE Members: Money AFGE… There are four types of grievances that the union steward can file: Individual: This is when a management violation of the contract affects only one employee. Taking them at their word (perceptions of union leadership can are notoriously unreliable), I suggested they begin fostering a climate where more In 1916, the American Federation of Labor (AFL) acted to bring the various local unions together to form a single national union. In general, if the union local is part of an international union (such as the International Brotherhood of Teamsters), the international can require dues increases of all locals if delegates to a meeting of the international approve of a dues increase. Always remember that your Local and Council will work with you, but cannot do the job alone … we need you to come forward and have the courage to file a grievance and to provide all necessary information to your Union steward. This is the most efficient way to become a member of AFGE Local 2139. ” Brooks was soon Chief Steward, then Vice President, Secretary-Treasurer, Executive Vice President and then President for ten year of AFGE Local 490 at the Veterans Question: Why join an AFGE local union? Answer: To ensure justice, equality, fairness and dignity for workers and their families through a proactive labor movement as the premier union for workers in government service. 15 Mar 2011 (AFGE) National Veterans Affairs Council of Locals (the Union) . As shown on the next page, the union steward is a key “link” in our union. 2019 How to Write an MOU- Scott's 12 Rules of Become a Steward! Stewards located at the Reno VBA. The Steward's Function Because Stewards are the most important link between the Local and its members, they must have a good worksite. org. Our stewards come from a variety of political, personal, ethnic, military, and professional backgrounds. Weingarten, formal meetings, grievances. Has excellent writing skills and terrific oral and verbal communication skills. We all are the union. The shop steward and I have been trying to bring members together to enforce the contract. 6% raise in 2020. How To Become An Union Steward. worksite. AFGE Local 609 Steward Resources. Keep yourself informed on union affairs. Illegal to hold steward to higher standard or to impose greater discipline 241 NLRB 907, Union Fork and Hoe Co. Contract & agency regulations. Mistake ten – Fail to organize. Members often judge the union by their steward. Stewards located at the Susanville CBOC. The role of the union steward is to represent the nonmanagement employees commonly referred to as the “rank-and-file” and to be a link and conduit of  rightful dissent from federal workers and our union,” said AFGE President J. how to become a afge union steward

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